The strength of steel, the beauty of wood.

VanGalee FirstShake™ is an insulated metal roofing shake, proudly developed, engineered and manufactured in Canada. A FirstShake roof is the last roof you’ll need for your home or commercial project.  

A Permanent Roofing System

Formed from thick Galvalume® and appearing as natural wood or slate, FirstShake unites strength with beauty to protect for a lifetime. 

VanGalee FirsShake Red Cedar
VanGalee FirstShake Silverwood
black FirstSlate

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Introducing VanGalee FirstShake

Average Google Review Rating = 5.0 Stars

We are over the top happy with the process and fabulous results on our island home. Our house had simply outlasted its original metal roof. VanGalee FirstShake shingles installed by a team of upbeat superb professionals from Vanderleek Roofing has us beaming.
From the start communication was excellent. Calls and emails answered immediately. A thorough quote was given, AND was met.
The product is ideal for this forest setting where forest fire hazard is high and wood cedar shakes are not an option. The look works.
The craftsmanship we witnessed led us to include a redo of the dormers, as well. The team worked unbelievably efficiently and well. Gary Vanderleek was at the helm attending to every detail.
The payment schedule was clear, reasonable and managed expertly.
I love that my VanGalee FirstShake Vanderleek roof will always look like a newly done cedar shingle roof but with so many more advantages. Unlike the old style large metal sheets , that were up previously. these can be spot repaired (for example when I redo my electrical mast)
And it looks soooooo GOOD!
Oh and the work site and final clean up were spic and span
It was a pleasure to be taken care of so well.
Heartily recommend these experts and leaders in their field.
With gratitude Sooz Svensson and Jim MacLachlan

Sooz Svensson & Jim MacLachlan

Home Owners

I have used First Shake’s Cedar metal roof at our LTC home in Calgary. It is a great product. Looks great. Debris simply glides off of it. Highly recommend A+

Wayne Pederson

Regional Manager, Extendicare

Installed metal shake on my commercial building in strathmore to replace the existing ribbed roof. Much better product and looks great!

Rene Fisher

Commercial Property Owner

Six years ago, I had my home reroofed with VanGalee FirstShake. Every day that I pull up to my driveway, I say to myself, “I have the best-looking roof I have ever seen.” I believe it is the most innovative and beautiful roof on the market. So much so that I quit my job and am now half owner in the company! This metal roof puts your standard metal ‘industrial’ looking roofs to shame. Why have plain, when you can have major BLING!

Lesa Zimmerman

Home Owner

Thank you VanGalee! I still can’t get over how great my new roof looks compared to my old fiberglass laminate shingle roof. I wanted a long-term metal roof but didn’t like the industrial look that it has. But, this metal shake is just amazingly beautiful and surprisingly quiet.

Erica Thompson

Home Owner

A Lifetime Roof

VanGalee FirstShake is a permanent metal roofing system created by individual insulated metal shakes that protect your building from water penetration for the life of the building.

FirstShake is coated with the gold standard in metal protection, proven for its extreme long-term resistance to fading, chalking, chipping and peeling.

Metal Roofing Shakes

Enjoy the proven longevity of a metal roof with the natural look of wood or slate.

A Unique Style of Metal Roof

There is no metal roofing system quite like VanGalee FirstShake. This is a metal shake roofing system that stands alone in its performance, structure and design.

Like Cedar Shake Roofing—but Better

VanGalee FirstShake is a metal roofing shake that looks like + installs like traditional cedar shake roofing but offers much more long-term value and protection:

  • looks like a cedar shake roof
  • same thermal resistance as cedar

FirstShake roofing improves upon cedar shake roofing:

  • does not rot
  • highly resistant to moss and lichen growth
  • no maintenance required
  • lasts at least four times longer than a cedar shake roof
  • fire-proof
  • and more…

Better than Standing Seam Metal Roofing

VanGalee FirstShake is a metal roofing shake that offers more than traditional standing seam metal roofing. Like a metal standing seam roof, FirstShake:

  • withstands hurricane-force winds
  • is hail resistant
  • is fire-proof

Additional benefits of FirstShake:

  • protects with two layers of insulated metal shakes
  • saves you money on energy costs
  • is an extremely quiet roof
  • does not “oil-can” like a standing seam metal roof
  • easier and safer to install
  • easier and safer to transport
  • looks like cedar or slate
  • and more…

Proudly Canadian