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FirstShake™ Advantages

Proudly developed, engineered and manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a FirstShake roof is the last roof you’ll need for your home or commercial project. The benefits of VanGalee FirstShake are outlined here.

FirstShake is made from high-grade materials proven to perform over the past 50+ years in the most demanding industrial environments. 

Applying generational roofing knowledge and experience, we’ve taken these advancements in resilient materials and integrated them into a roofing system unlike any other. The result? A very long-lasting roof. 

Appearing as natural wood or slate, FirstShake unites strength with beauty to protect for a lifetime. 

Some VanGalee FirstShake advantages are listed here.

Protection from the elements for a very long time...

Every component of a FirstShake Roofing System is purposed for its enduring qualities. For example, common metal roofing uses a single layer of 26-guage sheet metal. By comparison, a VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System protects with two layers of 24-guage metal. With FirstShake, not only is there an additional layer, but each layer is also 20% thicker! 

FirstShake is more than its premium ingredients. The uncompromising design applies generational roofing expertise. From the size and shape of the tiles to the flashing detail at gable, valley and eave, the VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System delivers long-lasting protection.

With a VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System, your building envelope is protected from rooftop water penetration for the life of your building—without having to re-roof.

FirstShake looks new for a long time...

Unlike a new wood shake roof, which deteriorates over 15 to 25 years, your FirstShake roof looks great well beyond this time frame. Why is that?

FirstShake is formed from Galvalume®.

Galvalume is the process of coating steel in aluminium-zinc alloy, developed in 1972. Galvalume is specified by architects, building owners and many others due to its versatility, ease of use, aesthetics, and long-term performance. Research[i] conducted by the Metal Construction Association projects that bare, unpainted Galvalume roofing will last over 60 years without any extreme signs of corrosion.

FirstShake is coated with the number one, most durable metal coating available, PVDF.

PVDF (short for polyvinylidene difluoride) is the gold standard in the metal coating industry and is recognized by engineers and architects[ii] alike for its many enduring virtues including:

    • Extreme weatherability and UV resistance – Excellent resistance to fading, chalking, chipping, cracking and peeling, and very high retention of gloss and colour.
    • Excellent chemical resistance – it protects from the various pollutants it might be exposed to and provides resistance to stains.
    • It is highly resistant to the growth of lichen and moss (like a ceramic non-stick pan).

FirstShake’s flared keyway design helps to keep debris from accumulating, allowing it to more easily flow off the roof.

Unlimited colour options...

Stock colours are Red Cedar FirstShake, Black FirstSlate and Silverwood FirstShake. [See the gallery]

Want something different? We’re also able to provide you with custom colours and metals. Yes, if you can imagine it, we can create it!

Protection from airborne fire hazards...

Unlike wood shakes, which are extremely flammable, FirstShake has a Class A fire-resistance rating, the highest rating possible. A FirstShake roof provides two layers of metal protection and none of its components are flammable. Incredibly, its PVDF coating and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core are self-extinguishing when exposed to flame. Watch a video demonstaration of FirstShake vs. fire.

High wind resistance rating....

Installed in over-lapping courses like a shake roof, VanGalee FirstShake has a very high wind tolerance, easily handling wind speeds of  180 km/hr (110 mph).

Protection from hail storms...

FirstShake is rated as a Class 4 roofing product. With its 24-guage metal jacket construction, it provides superior protection, being 20% thicker than other Class 4 rated metal roofing systems. Its hail resistance is further strengthened by the shape and size of each FirstShake tile, providing more tensile strength compared to large metal roofing panels. See VanGalee FirstShake weather a real hail storm.

FirstShake adds insulative value to enhance your comfort and reduce energy use...

The reflective PVDF coating and EPS foam core of VanGalee FirstShake combine to provide a thermal resistance similar to wood shake but without the downside of poor long-term value. This thermal resistance

  • reduces heat transfer into the roofing system, attic space or vaulted ceiling during hot or cold seasons,
  • helps to reduce ice-damming in the winter,
  • and assists in keeping the attic and living space at stable temperatures.

FirstShake reduces energy demands for heating and cooling, contributing to a healthier planet as well as a lower utility bill.

A VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System has multiple financial returns...

With a solid track record of proven performance and durability, you can be certain that your investment provides you with an absolutely stunning roof today and years into the future. FirstShake has one of the lowest amortized costs over time and provides these financial benefits:

Insurance savings

Most insurance companies offer favourable rates to homeowners who have products and systems that reduce the possibility of claims or secondary damage to the home or its contents.

Insurance premiums may be reduced when you choose to have a permanent VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System installed on your home or commercial building.

The protection provided by the durability of your FirstShake roof saves you from potential insurance claims with their accompanying increases in premiums and deductibles if you were to have a less resilient roof.

One and done

Asphalt shingle roofs must be replaced every 20-30 years, at inflating costs.

By comparison, the VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System protects your building 3-4 times longer (and quite likely even longer than that), protecting you from future inflated re-roofing costs.

Increased property value—great curb appeal that lasts

Not only will you love the look of your new FirstShake roof, but years from now, your roof will still look beautiful.

With a transferable warranty to potential buyers, the value of your FirstShake roof is passed along, adding to your selling price or borrowing collateral.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful permanent roof with all these benefits?

FirstShake is installed by Certified Roofing Contractors...

VanGalee FirstShake is only sold to select roofing contractors who meet our criteria and who have received our training and certification.

This ensures your FirstShake roof is installed correctly, to our specifications.

Environmentally responsible...

VanGalee FirstShake is proud to be a part of the growing movement toward sustainable and permanent building solutions.

Our objective is to provide you with a roofing system as permanent as your foundation. This reduces the waste caused by the re-roofing cycle.

Once the building life has expired, the entire VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System is 100% recyclable.

Peace of mind...

Short term roof systems are short-sighted, risky, and come with a high amortized cost.

Too easily damaged by the elements, they expose you and your valuables to damage or loss.

With the advantages of a VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System there’s no need to worry about the next extreme weather event that may occur. With a VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System you’re covered.


Join the movement.

Join us now in the movement toward permanent building solutions. And at the same time benefit on the return of this solid investment rather than a short-term purchase of less-than-a-roof.

Crown your castle with the enduring value, beauty and protection of a VanGalee FirstShake Roofing System.

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