Our Values

Our Mission

Create a beautiful, long lasting, environmentally conscious residential roofing product that is easy to install.

Our Vision

The vision of VanGalee First Shake and First Slate is to globally revolutionize the roofing industry towards permanent roofing solutions.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a triple win:

  • Homeowner wins – provide long-term value to the end-user/home owner
  • Investors wins – create a profitable long-term business opportunity
  • Environment wins – by using materials that are fully recyclable and have a long life cycle thereby reducing greenhouse gasses and energy consumption

Who is VanGalee Manufacturing Inc?

VanGalee Manufacturing Inc. is owned by Gary van der Leek and Lesa Zimmerman. Gary created FirstShake over 10 years of research and development. Lesa is the lead in executing the business directives of VanGalee Manufacturing Inc..

Gary van der Leek

Gary van der Leek

It is in Gary’s DNA to be creative in all he does.  His family has a long history of tradesmen, engineers, builders, luthiers, craftsmen, and the owners of successful businesses around the globe. Outside of his businesses, this creativity manifests in a passion for the arts and creative design including pursuits such as cooking, poetry, sculpting, and creating beautiful functional art pieces.  His art incorporates mediums such as, wood, metal, stone, epoxy resins and power coating.

Lesa Zimmerman

Lesa’s extensive expertise stems from her considerable experience in related fields. She has twenty years of financial experience, has managed four different medical clinics with 26 physicians and over 60 staff members, managed an IT department and she has CIAPP certification as a Privacy Officer. Her specialties include bookkeeping, tax preparation, project coordination, training, marketing, web design, implementation of new technologies, and operations.

Lesa Zimmerman

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